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Storks - Film Reviewed

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Storks - (U) - 1 hour 27 minutes - Friday 14 October 2016

Our rating: ★★★

We downloaded the Storks movie via Amazon last night, it was visually pleasing with some gorgeous characters, full of humour and some weird and wacky scenes, with some familiar voices. 

Storks is about a postal service that used to deliver the babies of the world, but with other ways to receive babies, they decided to pack up the baby business, after an accident with a failed delivery and found success in delivering packages and parcels instead.

Junior, the main stork featured in the film, voiced by Adam Samberg, is working his way to the top and striving to be the boss of Cornerstore, but with the current boss asking him to fire Orphan Tulip, on her 18th birthday, Junior buckles under the pressure and 'promotes' her to the letter sorting room. 

When a young boy, Nate, whose parents both work in real estate and pay him very little attention, comes across the old storks leaflet and decides to put in a request for a brother with Ninja skills. 

Tulip's eager to please attitude, got her into a bit of trouble when she posts the letter in the wrong section and restarts the baby making machine, Junior caught her, just a little too late!
The film follows Junior and Tulip trying to fix their errors, try to discover Tulips family and their journey trying to deliver the baby, when they get themselves caught up in all sorts of trouble, especially with the wolves! 
Pigeon Toady, the awkward nosy pigeon, figures they are up to something and does some investigating, reporting it back to the current boss of Cornerstore. 

Will they deliver the baby?
Will Pigeon Toady or the Wolves get to them first?
Will Tulip ever find her real family?

A great lighthearted, family comedy, we'd rate it a 3 and a half starts out of 5 due to some of the very strange scenes, but overall a good film.

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