Monday, 22 August 2016

Nando's Reviewed

Most people will at least be aware of Nando’s which is a well-known restaurant for their great tasting peri peri chicken and a great place to eat since 1987, especially if you are a chicken lover, that is!
If you aren’t aware of Nando’s then you are in the right place, but where have you been all of these years?!

I probably visit Nando’s several times a year, after finding out about it for the first time 4 years ago, when they opened a restaurant near to where I live. I’ve visited several stores and haven’t been disappointed!

Seating and Menu
Upon arriving at Nando’s you will be greeted by a lovely member of the Nando’s team, who should seat you at your desired table, usually with a couple of choice tables for you. They should then hand you and your party your menu/s, ask if you have visited Nando’s before, if you haven’t then they will talk you through selecting from the menu and the order process. You should also have been given a cockerel on your table, this is to notify the other staff that your table is occupied and you are waiting for your order. 

There is a great selection from Chicken wings to burgers, wraps to sweet potato and also a great selection of puddings you can find them all HERE, I usually find a meal without starters and pudding is more than enough for me. You need to also decide on the heat of your sauce, if you are like me then Hot is a great choice, you can select from plain all the way up to extra hot, but I have noticed it can vary from store to store on how hot, extra hot is.

I would say Nando’s meals are a very fair price, for the quality you get and the amount, on the last visit me and my partner had a meal each, he had some extra wings, and unlimited drinks and it came to just under £30, which was fairly decent and kept us full throughout the day.

Ordering and Faculties
Once you have selected what you would like to eat and drink, you should take note of your table number and order at the till. *Don’t forget to use your Nando’s reward card, you can sign up today! You will gain free food the more you use your reward card, for every time you visit and spend £7 you will gain a chilli which you can exchange for rewards.

When your order is complete you can grab yourself a drink at the drinks station, this is my most popular choice of drink (re-fill drink) as you can refill as much as you like from a selection of popular drinks or water, as well as grabbing any extra sauces you might like, cutlery and straws at the station. 

Food is delivered promptly, hot and ready to eat.

Those who have little ones, there is a baby station available, men and women toilets and disabled toilets, which are usually very clean, good size and easy accessible.

Nando’s restaurants are usually covered in beautiful artwork and has a great atmosphere amongst staff and the restaurant itself, lots of African inspired artwork with great topic of conversation, generally a clean and happy environment. The artwork and decoration runs throughout the restaurants and every restaurant is slightly different, even behind the counters and the toilets have a stunning clean finish.

One of the Milton Keynes stores

This was no way sponsored or encouraged by Nando's.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Rabbit 101 - Diet

Rabbits have complex dietary needs and complex body system, so feeding your rabbit the correct diet is essential for a healthy rabbit. Unlike the popular cartoon carrots and belief, carrots should not be a huge part of a rabbit’s diet and should be limited, if not fed at all. Unfortunately pet stores and supermarkets also sell many treats that aren’t ideal and could actually cause harm to your bunny/bunnies so please research and check the ingredients and nutritional value on the back of food and treat packets before feeding to your bunny, if unsure you are best to avoid.

Muesli – You will find rabbit muesli and food mixes in most pet food suppliers, these usually include corn, seeds as well as other nuggets and ingredients. These should be avoided, as this is classed as junk food for rabbits and can cause many health issues including: obesity, over grown teeth, lack of nutritional and vitamins leading to other major health issues.

Pellets – If your rabbit is younger than 5 months, they should be allowed an unlimited amount of good quality pellets, if they aren’t eating much hay then you can reduce the amount of pellets you are offering them.
Pellets should only be around 5% of your rabbit’s diet, they should all be similar in size, shape and colour and contain at least 18% fibre and 14% protein, with the main ingredient being some form of hay or grass. You can feed 1 tablespoon per kilogram of rabbit daily.
I would recommend highly recommend Supreme Science Selective for those that have it available to them and Oxbow for those outside of the UK.

Hay – Hay comes in a wide variety with Timothy and Meadow hay being the two most popular and accessible, fresh hay and grass should be at least 80% of your rabbits diet, this helps with their digestive system and keeps their gut moving, it also helps keep their teeth ground down as they are constantly growing. Alfalfa hay is good for younger rabbits under the age of 5 months and those that need to put on weight. *Please do not feed rabbits mowed cuttings, grass that is cut from a strimmer or lawn mower can contain chemicals from the machinery and can ferment quicker.
Hay should ALWAYS be available for your rabbit along with fresh water, bowl or bottle.

Fruit – Fruit should be given sparingly it at all, you should also treat carrots as if you would fruit when feeding to rabbits as it is just as high in sugar. The general rule of giving fruit and carrots to your rabbits, is no more than two tablespoons of fruit or carrot a day and remove all pips, stones and seeds.

Safe Fruits
Blackberries with leaves,
Kiwi Fruit,
Oranges without peel,
Raspberries with leaves,
Strawberries with tops,
Tomatoes without leaves.

Vegetables – Vegetables can slowly be introduced to bunnies around the age of 5 months, but ideally 6 months is the best age to introduce them. It is best to introduce them to a new type of vegetable one at a time and see how your rabbit reacts, by keeping an eye on their behaviour and poop, waiting 24 hours between each new food. If their poop seems less solid and soft/sloppy, it could be that a certain type of vegetable doesn’t agree with them and has caused an upset tummy, wait until their poop returns to normal before feeding anything else new. Some rabbits react badly to vegetables, so you have to judge it by the individual. Those that can have vegetables, 10-15% of their diet is a good amount to feed of feed your bunny, a mix of 4-6 different types, this can also include weeds and herbs, a cup full per 1.8kg of bunny. Dark leafy greens should be the most part of their vegetable intake, Please wash all vegetables before feeding to your rabbits.

Safe Vegetables 
(star*** means limit)
Artichoke leaves,
Baby Corn (the ONLY corn)
Broccoli with leaves***
Brussel Sprouts with leaves***
Butternut Squash,
Cauliflower with leaves,
Celery with leaves,
Courgette with flowers,
Curly Kale,
Green beans,
Kohl rabi,
Peas with the leaves and pods,
Radish Tops***
Romaine lettuce,
Spring Greens***

Herbs Herbs can also be part of their vegetable mix, they are slightly stronger in smell and taste and can take a few tries before your rabbit takes to even trying them. Bunnies that tend to have a runny bottom after eating vegetables are often more tolerant to herbs, so it is worth a try.

Safe Herbs:

Weeds are an ideal source of food for our rabbits, usually easy accessible and a natural source of nutrition. *Please only pick weeds from areas you are aware of that haven’t used chemicals or pesticides that could potentially harm your bunny, washing them will also help make sure they are clean, your bunnies can graze from these naturally in the garden as well. *Please don’t use any weeds that have been cut with a strimmer or mower, these will ferment quicker and may contain chemicals from the machinery.

Safe Weeds
Goosegrass (cleavers) 
Shepherd’s purse,
Sow Thistle,

Human foods – Human processed foods aren’t generally the healthiest for humans and should not be fed to your rabbits.

1) When changing over to a new food (from Muesli to pellets or a certain brand to another) you need to add a little of the new one to the old food, gradually add more and change it over 7-10 days.
2) If your bunny stops eating completely, for over 12 hours and isn't their self, please consult a vet immediately.
3) NO nuts, NO seeds and NO corn (except baby corn)
4) If in doubt - avoid

Monday, 1 August 2016

Receipt Surveys

I love saving money, whether it is a promotion or by using coupons. I also love the idea of freebies and competitions. 

You may have noticed that a lot of receipts often come with a survey or a giveaway linked to them now, if you've had a trip to the supermarket or a meal out. If you fill out the surveys linked with the receipts, you can get yourself some free loyalty points, a discount off your next visit, or an entry into a prize-draw. Sometimes you can gain yourself points and a prize, so it is worth keeping a hold of your receipts and following the information. 

Most of the surveys are simple to complete and will take around 2-10 minutes of your time. If you have a points card connected to that company, it is worth having that on hand, in case they ask for your points card number, so they are able to add your reward or enter you into the draw. 

So you've got your reward card, your receipt and your device to complete the survey.
Then you ask yourself… is it worth it? What is the likelihood of winning?

My answer would be, if you have a spare 2-10 minutes of your time and are happy to fill out surveys, then you have nothing to lose, but a small percentage of a chance to win, gained.

If you find filling out surveys to be a chore, then I would consider only entering for guaranteed discount, points or the prize draws you are more likely to win; for example, weekly winners or a higher number of winners. You could also consider entering the prize draws that are more appealing to you, so although you may not particularly want to win a car, there may be an opportunity to grab yourself a luxury holiday for you and your family.

Always remember to update your details for your loyalty cards when any of your details change: change of address, email address or contact numbers. This will make sure you receive the appropriate vouchers, surveys and information, especially if you entered a prize draw because you may be a winner.

Feel free to share your experiences and if you've won anything from store surveys, or your favourite discounts you received from completing a store survey, either through the stores receipt or email system. 

For me, Tesco has one of the most appealing rewards as you usually receive a chance to win a high value gift card and you receive a guaranteed amount of Clubcard points. KFC also had a rather appealing survey, as you received 20% off your next order.

Just a note to say that some companies will directly email you the survey link through your email address; if you use your Costa card, for instance, on a visit to Costa, you are likely to find an email waiting for you in your inbox.