Sunday, 12 February 2017

Scentsy Sensation

As a scent lover, I love all things smelly - car fresheners, candles, perfumes etc. 
Scents can bring back memories and put you in the moment, certain scents you can associate with certain things or people, they can be so powerful.

I've seen Scentsy around for awhile, it was founded in 2004, they are a consultant based company, so you'd order through your local consultant or host a party with your friends, invite the consultant and get a commission depending on the amount of sales. But as someone who already owns too much wax, whether it be in the form of candles or melts, I haven't yet tried them. Until now.

A local lady was offering a 'borrow bag' where I would borrow her scents, warmer and a couple of samples of wax melts - all for free, to try, as long as I looked after them!
How could I resist?

I worked my way through sniffing all of the scents, marking down which ones I liked, loved and those that I wasn't so keen on. My results aren't necessarily a reflection of what smells good and what doesn't, we all have our own tastes and I personally prefer, perfume, fresh and fruity scents, which reflected in my selection.
I am absolutely in love with the Romance collection and Scentsy Men in particular.

Scentsy focus on burners and wax melts, although they do sell a couple of other things like car fresheners. They have some gorgeous warmers, they work by plugging into the mains, turning them on, with the switch on the reverse and placing a small piece/s of wax in the bowl at the top, it gradually warms and melts the wax and fills the air with the chosen scent. There is no harsh chemicals and no flame, so much safer to be left on that a candle - but keep up away from children and animals in case of any accidents and as with any electrical item, I wouldn't advise you leave it unsupervised for a long period of time.

Absolutely beautiful burner, especially in a darker room, very cosy, they have a huge selection and new designs and scents come out with their new catalogues, twice yearly. I particularly like the warmer I borrowed.

So far I love Scentsy and would recommend them to most people, the price is average with most of the mid range candle brands and definitely worth it, the only down fall is that because it has a lower wattage bulb that it doesn't melt all brands of melts, including the popular paraffin wax ones. But with the huge variety of scents that Scentsy offers, you wouldn't need any other brands.

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  1. Aww, I've not tried scentsy yet - I might have to give it a go :)