Sunday, 26 February 2017

Pop Collecting and Competition

We have a slight obsession with Pop Vinyl figurines in our house; the cute little faces, the stunning painted detail, the known characters.

The obsession started a couple of years ago when we saw our first Pop Characters appear in most game related stores and now they are appearing in most stores including supermarkets and toy stores. They are designed as characters from Films, Games and other well known characters, you can even build your own now - which may have to be done!

I believe our little bobble head Spiderman was our very first purchase, but then he needed a friend and Batman suited. Our next trip was to a toy store where Olaf may have been on offer, so he had to come home with me and a minion may have shortly joined in the fun too.

The collection grew rapidly and we decided to box them back up - one for storage and two as they look fantastic in their original boxes, on our display wall. Now people always know what to get us if they cannot find something as a gift - they check with us first just to be on the safe side as they may have lost track!



You could have your very own Pop Character - Any Funko Pop up to the value of £15 with Buy Pop Vinyl's launch competition, ending on Sunday 5th March 2017 - so get your entries in now - you have just 7 days left to enter!

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