Saturday, 25 February 2017

Electra Autumn Binky

Electra Autumn Binky

Electra is a stunning fairy created and brought to life by Imogen's Fairytales, created specifically for me. My brief was Teal and Bunnies - of which she definitely has fulfilled.

The name:
Electra - Sparkly, fiery sun in greek.
Autumn - Beautiful colours and flowers.
Binky - Happy Jump of excitement that bunnies can't control.

Electra is a feisty girl who stands up for what she believes, she absolutely loves caring for people and animals, she adores the autumn months and cosy nights in, snuggled up with blanket, candles and a good movie. She usually spends her day looking after the animals and helping her mother, by looking over her when she is crafting and offering her unique thoughts and opinions.

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This post was created purely by myself and was not endorsed in any way or encouraged to write my opinion and thoughts.

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