Monday, 25 July 2016

Candle Review - Yankee Granny Smith

Candles are just one way I love to scent my home.
The mother-in-law is to blame for my love of Yankee Candles in particular - if cared for correctly, Yankee Candles can provide you with outstanding smells and memories to last forever (or until they retire their scent!)

Fresh apples, mmm… I was disappointed to see that 'Granny Smith' wasn't to be released in the UK, but fortunately some UK sites and stores had them in for a limited time only, with an offer of 20% off everything in store. How could we resist?!

The label itself suggests fresh, green, ripe Granny apples, while removing the lid, you are hit with the gorgeous scent of freshly cut apples in a cold breeze on a summers day. After trimming the wick, lighting this beauty, and placing on the illuma-lid, it didn't disappoint; the crisp freshness of the juiciest apples you can buy filled the room and the rest of the rooms in our small terrace house. The stunning glow of the deep pool on the candle was amazing and took a few hours, but there were no problems at all. We loved it so much that we took a trip back to the store and bought one at full price, before they were all gone for only the US to enjoy. At an average cost of £21.99 per large jar (623g) with around 110-150 hours of burning time, depending on the care and environment, this candle is well worth its money, in my opinion. It's one of the best Yankee Candle scents and throws I have had, and I use a lot of candles, especially the melange of Yankees I've used over the years to fragrance our home.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Introduction: My life with animals

I am a huge animal lover and would rescue every animal if I could, but I'm currently private renting; the landlord reluctantly let us have our current animals. It wouldn't be fair on the animals either, as I don't have much more space or time for any more, unfortunately.

As part of my topics on this blog, I would love to include animals, especially a guide on how to care for rabbits, as they are more complex and interesting than I ever could have imagined before becoming a bunny-mummy.

This is just a little introduction for my love and life with animals:

As a child, a lot of my friends had animals, whether it was a fish or a dog, a cat or a rat. My parents never wanted animals, or so they said, especially after having to rehome their beloved family dog when I was just a baby, and told us that we would have to be responsible for them if we were to have one, which of course I insisted that I would have been.

After years of pestering, or shall I say convincing, my mum informed me on my eighth birthday, if I recall correctly, that we were off to the pet shop to get a fish. A fish?! Trying to hide my disappointment, as I supposed this was progress, I trailed behind my mother on the walk into town.

On arrival at the pet shop, she stood in front of the hamsters and told me to choose one; fear and excitement beamed across my face. 'But these are hamsters!' stating the obvious. Amongst the wriggling, squirming, beige-coloured hamsters, there was a large, black, furry lump that had a white stripe symmetrically on each side of its tummy, which later became my furry lump, called Nibbles, a Syrian hamster.

One thing I forgot to mention was the fear my mother had for rodents; this could have been a huge issue! 

When buying a hamster from our local pet store, you got handed your new pet in a yellow cardboard carrier, to take your pet home safety. My mum informed the staff that they should put the cardboard carrier inside the cage for the walk home, just in case of an escape. During the walk home, my mum held Nibbles in her carrier, inside her new cage, whilst I carried the bag with her accessories, toys, treats and food. The sweat poured from my mother’s forehead as though someone had turned on a tap, the carrier inside the cage shaking, bobbing about. What was a 15 minute walk felt like 15 years for my fearful mother. As we reached the top of our road, out popped a hamster’s face; I've never seen my mother run home so fast.

After settling Nibbles in for the night and leaving her to get used to her new surroundings, the time had come to try and hold her. I was so proud of my mum; I could see how she merely made it through the walk home and she insisted she would be the first to hold her.

Nibbles was a special pet of mine - my first pet; the one who got my mum over the fear of rodents. Once she had held her, it was as if the fear had faded away, almost completely. Nibbles was a part of our family and I even saw a different side of my dad with her. Since then, we've always had animals, thanks to my four-legged 'Fish'.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Welcome and Giveaway

Thank you for joining me on my freshly, clean and pristine blog, it is great to have you here and I hope to share a variety of things with you all, including wedding planning, reviews, my love for candles and animals, even DIY products and money saving ideas and tips.

Let me introduce myself and then we can get to the important part where you can win yourself £10 to spend.

I’m a 20 something female, who lives in the South East of England, my hobbies include comping, looking after and enjoying time with my pets, fragrancing my home, crafting and writing to my penpals.

Crafts – are a great therapy for me, I enjoy many different crafts, it all started with my mother’s friend years ago, when she came into our class to teach us some hand sewing, she was also involved with helping the elderly with card making which I later joined in with and got hooked.
Card making and decorating small furniture or objects is the main crafty love of mine, but I also enjoy scrapbooking, smashbooking and jewellery making but I’ll give anything a go!

Wedding – Being engaged for around 5 years I’d love to share some wedding tips, tricks and ideas some of which I will be including in my own wedding planning.

Money Saving – being an avid competition hunter and entrant, I would love to share some money saving ideas, tips or even how to gain some extra cash.

Animals – I have a love for animals; especially having some fantastic, characters myself! We currently have a turtle, rabbits, a Syrian hamster and must not forget the fish, which may be mentioned throughout. Rabbits may come up more often due to them having a very complicated body system and needs, which many people aren’t always aware of, so I hope to complete a guide for caring and getting the best out of your pets in addition to caring for them.

Reviews – reviews are likely to appear on products, places and even some of my wins. I’m happy to review products if anyone has any that they would like - tried and tested.

Other posts about life or products may appear too, I wish you will continue to join me in my blogging journey.

As an introduction to my blog and a thank you for popping over to see, I would like to offer one reader the chance to win £10 to spend on whatever you’d like, paid into your PayPal account, open internationally.
There are opportunities to win via different avenues, so please don’t fret if you don’t have any social media accounts, you can still enter.


Winner was selected at random.
Congratulations to Tracey Peach.