Sunday, 1 July 2018

Inexpensive hamper

Father's Day hasn't long gone by and I'm sure I'm not the only one that has a father that they never know what to buy for them. His birthday is coming up soon too, which is going to be another tricky one to find a gift for!

I saw some baskets on a local Facebook selling page that were perfect for small hampers, 2 for £4, so I asked to see if they would let me have them for £3 and I went and collected them, from the next street. I was thinking of either putting together a hamper of bath stuff, such as bubble bath, flannel (maybe shaped into some sort of animal) a rubber duck and other toiletries, but I also thought that he loves his food and loves cheese and crackers that would maybe be a better option.

So we popped to our local Asda to get some supplies.
I selected the following, costing me the following, although I could have saved myself something by buying different crackers and biscuits, but the box I bought was perfect size for the hamper and had a selection already in it.

Jacob's Cracker Selection £2.99
Cheddar pickle onions and chive cheese £2.00
Wensleydale cranberry cheese £2.00
Double Gloucester onion and chives cheese £2.00
Sweet Pickle 57p
Mustard Piccalilli 78p
Tomato Chutney 90p

I already had some cellophane wrapping and I reused a bow that was on a gift for my partner so the hamper cost me £12.74 in total, which isn't bad for someone on a tight budget and a gift that my father throughly enjoyed.

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