Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Kerbl Grass

We were sent this as part of a hamper for our bunnies, excuse the tattered box!
Kerbl grass is created for rabbits and rodents - easy to grow, grows fast and enjoyed by many and only retails at around £2 - if cared for correctly it can last quite sometime too.

You will receive the a plastic rectangular container and a bag of seed mix.
Just sprinkle the seed mix and wet generously.
Keep the mixture of seeds moist.
In two-three days your grass should start to sprout.
Within a week you should have some gorgeous tall grass.
 Eventually it will fill out like the stock photo.
Once it has reached 5-6inches, trim where necessary and feed straight away.

 As seen by our quality control, it makes a great tasty treat!

This grass is usually available as part of the Zooplus reward programme for around 100 points (you gain 1 point per pound and can also gain points by referring friends or other promotions) If you have never joined Zooplus before then get a friend to refer you, as you will get 10% off your first order.

 I was given this product as part of a rabbit hamper, that I won via Voucher Angels' Facebook page, I was not prompted in any way to create this post, just an extremely pleased and appreciative winner.

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