Saturday, 4 March 2017

Introducing Roxy and her cage for this month

Meet Roxy, our Cheeky, independent, intelligent, mischievous, little lady.
She is a cinnamon, banded, Syrian - friendly but with lots of attitude.

I thought I would share with you Roxy's cage design for this month.

Zoozone 2 (Large)
Meshed the lid with Wilko welded metal wire.
Made a stopper for the water bottle hole (as seen in below picture bottom right) from plastic.

Dust extracted wood-shavings and natural Carefresh.

Top, left to right: 
Ceramic dog bowl with Little Farm Friends pet sand for her sand bath,
Whimzee toothbrush, (edible treat)
28cm Trixie Wheel,
Rosewood Woodies Small Caterpillar,
Living World Glass Bottle and Bottle Holder,
Ferplast Wooden House.

Middle, left to right: 
Wooden Playsticks tunnel,
Small Animal Arched Play Bridge,
Happy Pet Raw Wooden Hideaway.

Bottom, left to right: 
Small Animal Play Tree Chew,
Rosewood Boredom Breaker Natural Carrot Woodroll, 
Rosewood Shred-A-Log Corrugated Tunnel,
Pipkins Seagrass And Corn Nibble Tunnel.

I just need to add some more hanging toys and it will be complete for March's natural theme.
I may add some soft hay in the corner later too, as she loves playing in it and adding it to her bedding.

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