Thursday, 29 November 2018

Light Therapy

Cold, dark, windy days like these can make anyone feel down and have no energy or enthusiasm. Especially with the mornings and evenings being really dark too.
I find light therapy can help improve my mood and energy levels, just an hour or so a day.

You'll need a special light box which come in variety of shapes and sizes, they can look like a box or you can even get those that blend in with the decor and have specialised lamps that do the same job. I have the LitePod energy for life box, I've had it for quite a few years now and it definitely helps wake me up and gives me a better start to the day, I believe it cost me around £100 but I got a travel case and extra bulbs with it too. Depending on the person you will need to use your light box around 30 minutes to an hour or so daily, you put it on in the morning and you have to sit close enough to it so that it reflects in your eyes, but not too close that it blinds you! You can have it on when you are having breakfast or even if you are working on your laptop, as long as it is in eye range and you can see it.
You can even buy alarm clocks now that simulates the sun coming up, we have a great one by Lumie, you set your alarm and half and hour before the alarm sounds, it starts getting brighter as if the sun is rising, then when it is time to get up, it is on its brightest and the alarm will begin to sound, helping you wake up more naturally.

There is no scientific evidence that this works, but for people suffering for SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) it is highly recommended, unless you have an eye condition or taking medications that make you more sensitive to light, it is worth talking to your doctor about using the light box, a lot of companies do a money back guarantee so you can return them if it isn't working for you. Make sure you get a light box that is specifically for people that are effected by seasonal affective disorder and it might be worth discussing with the sellers how long you might benefit from using the light for daily.

I tend to only bring my SAD light out on days like these, where my energy is low and the sun is nowhere to be seen. It is up to you whether you use it on a daily basis during the winter months, but I'd highly recommend them for anyone who thinks they may have SAD or even those that just feel a little less themselves on the darker days, I wouldn't recommend using after 1pm though as it may disrupt your sleep later that night.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

House Mouse Birthday Cupcake card

Products used
Stamps - House Mouse Birthday Cupcake wooden stamp, 

Penny Black Salutations T is for Transparent stamp set.
Ink - Memento Tuxedo Black Ink Pad
Card and paper - 6x6 White Card Black and envelope
Plain Black Card
Crafter's Companion Neenah Classic Crest Card
MME Dolled up Paper Pad
Embellishments - White Card Candi
Pens - Promarkers
Tools - Clever cut mini
Adhesives - Double sided sticky tape
PVA Glue

I haven't crafted for a while, but I saw my friend was selling some beautiful stamps, which included 3 house mouse stamps, I absolutely adore house mouse and they were so cheap I couldn't resist. So I created a card for my father-in-law to be for his upcoming birthday, he appreciates handmade items so much, so I hope he likes his card.

Promarkers used: Tulip Yellow, Buttercup, Caramel, Sandstone, Sunkissed Pink, Almond, Primrose, Soft Green and Pastel Green.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018


What is Gleam?
Gleam is a competition hosting platform where people can upload competitions with different tasks, you can set mandatory tasks or just regular tasks or even set daily tasks (which is usually optional to enter daily or not.) For example: Visit a Facebook Page = 1 entry, Follow on Twitter = 3 entries, Follow on Pinterest = 1 entry and so on. There are a couple of different accounts you can have, if you are hosting lots of competitions then you may need a paid account, if you are only hosting a couple you can use their free accounts and if you are entering competitions it is all free to enter.

You can view the number of entries you have in a giveaway at the top left of the widget.
The total number of entries, from everyone who has entered is often shown in the top middle (although sometimes are not, if the promoter has turned this option off) and the time left of the competition is usually the top right of the widget.


Once you've logged in and linked your accounts, you shouldn't have any problems entering competitions, just click and go.

Here are some of the regular blogs I visit and enter most of their Gleam competitions, don't hesitate to read their blogs and content as well though, some interesting stuff! (All UK based, unless stated)

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H is for Home Harbinger


Friday, 7 September 2018

All Things Wild

We were looking for a day out that was half way between my sister-in-law's partner's parents house and our place, so we searched the internet and came across All Things Wild online, which looked like a great place, especially for our nephew, who has just turned two.

We pulled up in the car park and waited for the other half of the party to turn up. There was plenty of parking spaces, although the disabled parking spaces weren't very big. Whilst we waited for them, we went on inside, used the facilities and pre paid ready for the others to arrive. There was a deal for five people being £50 and Oscar my nephew got to go in for free as he was under the age of 3.

There was five of us, My partner's dad, who was in a wheelchair, My partner, My partner's sister and her partner, our nephew, who was in a pushchair and myself.

There was plenty of wheelchair/pushchair access into the building, as you walk into the door, you walk straight into the toy shop, which is where you get your wristbands, map and stamp card. With the stamp card, there are stamps hidden around the park and you fill in the card and at the end can get a sticker - great for the kids!

You walk through into different areas with different animals, play areas and even a cafe to sit down and eat. There are plenty of toilets around the animal centre, although not all wheelchair friendly.

Oscar loved looking at the animals and playing at the park areas, he sat on a tractor and didn't want to get off! The cockateel was very talkative and is located by the go kart area which was also a great hit with the nephew. The food was very good, lovely portions and you could ask for half portions for a child, not badly priced either, plenty of places to sit inside and highchairs available.

After lunch we walked around the dinosaur section, they have dinosaur statues on a trail along with facts about them, a good walk with some interesting facts, before we headed home.

I would definitely recommend All Things Wild for a day out with the family, lots to do and fun for most ages.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Ladies United Facebook Group

Ladies United is a supportive Facebook group for females to post, created by a group of girls who met online, created 17th August 2018, we already have over 1000 members and would love the group to grow. It should be a safe place to post, we hold raffles, competitions, play games and chat in general, feel free to ask questions, admin and moderators are also there for support, you can private message any of us, we can either try and help or we can post in the group anonymously for you to get answers from the other ladies in the group.

The group also has some admins and moderators introducing themselves, so if you have a specific need or query then you can find the right admin or mod for you.

We hope you enjoy the group as much as we do and did creating it, we hope the group can grow and be a safe place for all you ladies to enjoy.

We currently have a free competition to win some Yankee candle votives, all you have to do is comment on the relevant competition Facebook post.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Basic Punch Card

Cards with dimension do not have to be complicated, expensive and you don't need that many materials either. 
Today I will show you a really simplistic card using just a plain 6x6 inch card, scraps of white card, a Tonic punch, PVA glue and some rhinestones or flat back pearls.

Making your flowers, punch out lots of flowers using your floral punch.
Pull up the edges of half of your punched out flowers, put a dab of glue in the centre of the flat flowers and place the 3d flower on top.
 Once you have a large amount of flowers, in my case, 21, then you want to place them into a circular shape onto your card - you may want to draw a circle on first, but I did it free hand.
 You want to then select your centre of your flowers, I chose some colourful flat back pearls, but you could use rhinestones or even just hole punched coloured paper.
 I selected my colours and then stuck them down onto the centre of my flowers with my PVA glue.
You could then add a sentiment into the centre, a photo, even a coloured in image or simply leave it as it is.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Inexpensive hamper

Father's Day hasn't long gone by and I'm sure I'm not the only one that has a father that they never know what to buy for them. His birthday is coming up soon too, which is going to be another tricky one to find a gift for!

I saw some baskets on a local Facebook selling page that were perfect for small hampers, 2 for £4, so I asked to see if they would let me have them for £3 and I went and collected them, from the next street. I was thinking of either putting together a hamper of bath stuff, such as bubble bath, flannel (maybe shaped into some sort of animal) a rubber duck and other toiletries, but I also thought that he loves his food and loves cheese and crackers that would maybe be a better option.

So we popped to our local Asda to get some supplies.
I selected the following, costing me the following, although I could have saved myself something by buying different crackers and biscuits, but the box I bought was perfect size for the hamper and had a selection already in it.

Jacob's Cracker Selection £2.99
Cheddar pickle onions and chive cheese £2.00
Wensleydale cranberry cheese £2.00
Double Gloucester onion and chives cheese £2.00
Sweet Pickle 57p
Mustard Piccalilli 78p
Tomato Chutney 90p

I already had some cellophane wrapping and I reused a bow that was on a gift for my partner so the hamper cost me £12.74 in total, which isn't bad for someone on a tight budget and a gift that my father throughly enjoyed.