Monday, 1 August 2016

Receipt Surveys

I love saving money, whether it is a promotion or by using coupons. I also love the idea of freebies and competitions. 

You may have noticed that a lot of receipts often come with a survey or a giveaway linked to them now, if you've had a trip to the supermarket or a meal out. If you fill out the surveys linked with the receipts, you can get yourself some free loyalty points, a discount off your next visit, or an entry into a prize-draw. Sometimes you can gain yourself points and a prize, so it is worth keeping a hold of your receipts and following the information. 

Most of the surveys are simple to complete and will take around 2-10 minutes of your time. If you have a points card connected to that company, it is worth having that on hand, in case they ask for your points card number, so they are able to add your reward or enter you into the draw. 

So you've got your reward card, your receipt and your device to complete the survey.
Then you ask yourself… is it worth it? What is the likelihood of winning?

My answer would be, if you have a spare 2-10 minutes of your time and are happy to fill out surveys, then you have nothing to lose, but a small percentage of a chance to win, gained.

If you find filling out surveys to be a chore, then I would consider only entering for guaranteed discount, points or the prize draws you are more likely to win; for example, weekly winners or a higher number of winners. You could also consider entering the prize draws that are more appealing to you, so although you may not particularly want to win a car, there may be an opportunity to grab yourself a luxury holiday for you and your family.

Always remember to update your details for your loyalty cards when any of your details change: change of address, email address or contact numbers. This will make sure you receive the appropriate vouchers, surveys and information, especially if you entered a prize draw because you may be a winner.

Feel free to share your experiences and if you've won anything from store surveys, or your favourite discounts you received from completing a store survey, either through the stores receipt or email system. 

For me, Tesco has one of the most appealing rewards as you usually receive a chance to win a high value gift card and you receive a guaranteed amount of Clubcard points. KFC also had a rather appealing survey, as you received 20% off your next order.

Just a note to say that some companies will directly email you the survey link through your email address; if you use your Costa card, for instance, on a visit to Costa, you are likely to find an email waiting for you in your inbox.

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