Thursday, 17 October 2019

Baby Shower

We're expecting a little niece in December/January time!

My sister was feeling a little down and she's been sick nearly everyday of her pregnancy so we decided to throw her a surprise baby shower, a little early and a little short notice but we made it happen.

A neighbour of my family is also my partner's second family and their mum decorates cakes for a hobby, she was busy making another cake but she kindly fitted in this amazing cake. She apologised for it being quick and simple but we all thought it was perfect! A Victoria sponge to suit everybody's needs and to avoid the allergies that some people had.

I made a quick card up, with a new style of card that I had never tried before, so it is far from perfect. But it announced to my sister where to go and what time to turn up on the day. I gave it to her with a mummy to be sash and my mum surprised me with an auntie to be sash to wear on the day too.

We arranged nibbles, drinks and party games to enjoy, it was a couple of hours long, in the evening to suit the guests working hours on the weekend.
As the guests arrived I handed them two pieces of paper, one of which was for their predictions on the baby, including name, weight, arrival date and time, length, hair colour and eye colour. The other piece of paper was for a message to my sister and her partner, which I would later frame and gift to my sister.
Our first game consisted of nappies filled with different crushed chocolate bars and they had to guess what the chocolate bars were, there was one winner that guessed all six chocolate bars and was awarded with a prize of their choice from a selection.
The second game was pin the dummy on the baby, a clear winner was the blue dummy and the lady got to select her prize too.
The last game was guess the baby foods, there were some really simple ones like just peas, but there were also some more obscure ones, not many people guessed many correctly, so we have three joint winners, but two of them worked together so their were two prizes awarded, as two of them were more than happy to share their gin truffles!
The last hour we saw my sister open the gifts and discussed stories and had long conversations about the baby and new parenthood.

My sister was delighted with her baby shower and although we did it on a budget and hired out a hall, it was actually pretty good.

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