Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Update Post

It has been a little while since I posted here.
Quite a bit has happened since.

We lost our black bunny, Marvin to a horrible illness. R.I.P Little man. He was our first bunny and will never be forgotten! 
If you follow our Facebook page you'll also know that Suki gained a stuffed animal toy to keep her company, named by you, called Snuggles, but after a few weeks it just wasn't doing it for her, the loneliness kicked in. So while my partner was away I was on a hunt for an older bunny and we found Milton. My beautiful partner travelled all the way back down south, from visiting his family, then on the same night he came with me to pick up the new addition to the family, from an hour away. Milton is 3 years old, never had a name before and it took 2 days to bond him with Suki and now they are the best of friends, although not quite like the relationship between Marvin and Suki.

We also have some great news about Dumbledwarf, our longest stay foster hamster, he finally found his forever home!

I'm also going to be an Auntie again! This time it is my own sister's little one, sweet little girl is growing okay, a little on the small side but healthy otherwise. I delivered a Ladybird Trunki overflowing with unisex baby clothes in a variation of sizes and a box full of toddler toys, this was before we knew she was having a little girl.
Last Friday my sister and I took a trip to the local Monkey Clothes sale, which is a sale of new or barely used secondhand clothes, from birth to teen years. We riffled through the rails searched high and low, I bought several items, mainly with bunnies on! of course. I also got the cutest giraffe slippers that were brand new which my sister fell in love with as she is slightly obsessed with giraffes for the baby. My sister also bought quite a few items for the little lady, she will be truly spoilt when she arrives and my sister barely needs to buy anymore clothes for the little one until she's around a year now!

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