Tuesday, 2 October 2018


What is Gleam?
Gleam is a competition hosting platform where people can upload competitions with different tasks, you can set mandatory tasks or just regular tasks or even set daily tasks (which is usually optional to enter daily or not.) For example: Visit a Facebook Page = 1 entry, Follow on Twitter = 3 entries, Follow on Pinterest = 1 entry and so on. There are a couple of different accounts you can have, if you are hosting lots of competitions then you may need a paid account, if you are only hosting a couple you can use their free accounts and if you are entering competitions it is all free to enter.

You can view the number of entries you have in a giveaway at the top left of the widget.
The total number of entries, from everyone who has entered is often shown in the top middle (although sometimes are not, if the promoter has turned this option off) and the time left of the competition is usually the top right of the widget.


Once you've logged in and linked your accounts, you shouldn't have any problems entering competitions, just click and go.

Here are some of the regular blogs I visit and enter most of their Gleam competitions, don't hesitate to read their blogs and content as well though, some interesting stuff! (All UK based, unless stated)

Boo Roo and Tigger Too
The Frenchie Mummy
Melissa Jane Lee
Really Missing Sleep
Rachel Bustin
Serenity You
H is for Home Harbinger


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