Friday, 7 September 2018

All Things Wild

We were looking for a day out that was half way between my sister-in-law's partner's parents house and our place, so we searched the internet and came across All Things Wild online, which looked like a great place, especially for our nephew, who has just turned two.

We pulled up in the car park and waited for the other half of the party to turn up. There was plenty of parking spaces, although the disabled parking spaces weren't very big. Whilst we waited for them, we went on inside, used the facilities and pre paid ready for the others to arrive. There was a deal for five people being £50 and Oscar my nephew got to go in for free as he was under the age of 3.

There was five of us, My partner's dad, who was in a wheelchair, My partner, My partner's sister and her partner, our nephew, who was in a pushchair and myself.

There was plenty of wheelchair/pushchair access into the building, as you walk into the door, you walk straight into the toy shop, which is where you get your wristbands, map and stamp card. With the stamp card, there are stamps hidden around the park and you fill in the card and at the end can get a sticker - great for the kids!

You walk through into different areas with different animals, play areas and even a cafe to sit down and eat. There are plenty of toilets around the animal centre, although not all wheelchair friendly.

Oscar loved looking at the animals and playing at the park areas, he sat on a tractor and didn't want to get off! The cockateel was very talkative and is located by the go kart area which was also a great hit with the nephew. The food was very good, lovely portions and you could ask for half portions for a child, not badly priced either, plenty of places to sit inside and highchairs available.

After lunch we walked around the dinosaur section, they have dinosaur statues on a trail along with facts about them, a good walk with some interesting facts, before we headed home.

I would definitely recommend All Things Wild for a day out with the family, lots to do and fun for most ages.

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