Sunday, 13 August 2017

Woburn birthday celebrations

For my belated birthday my sister had arranged for us to go to Woburn Safari Park, this was the first time I have been on a safari, but I love animals and the Zoo, so this was a real treat! 

She arranged for her and her partner to pick my partner and I up, on Saturday morning around 9am, then we set off for an hour drive to the park. Upon arrival we decided to do the drive safari first and saw many animals, including a bear that walked right in front of the car! As we went around we took lots of pictures and had a good laugh, we parked up and found a bench where we had lunch, that my sister had prepared for us. Was lovely apart from the amount of wasps that wanted to join us for lunch.

My sister and her partner enjoyed a ride on the swan pedalo whilst my partner and I sat and watched, enjoying the sun.
Once they were back we went and saw the noisy otters being fed, muscles and vitamin pellets, then behind us was the Birds in action show just about to start, although one of the birds, called Pep, flew off and apparently likes to eat people's sandwiches and fly back when he is ready!

After watching the bird show we went around and looked at all the animals on the foot safari, stroked a goat in the petting zoo and nearly had my ring stolen by this little monkey...

After around 5 hours of being at the park we went to the gift shop, where there was some gorgeous items and then grabbed an ice-cream; I had a mint choc chip cone. After the ice-cream we went to feed the birds in the rainbow lodge, where we were given a little pot of nectar, held out our hands and the birds sat and drank the nectar.

We had a great day out exploring for 6 hours and headed home. My first trip to the Safari park and the first time my sister's partner had ever seen a red panda! 


  1. So incredible! Where is the park located?! It's my dream to go on Safari in Africa, this park would be the next best thing :)

    1. Woburn Safari Park is located in Milton Keynes, UK. That is a great dream to have, I'd love to go on one too!