Friday, 28 July 2017

Pickin' Chickens Game

Picking Chickens is a Drumond Park game, designed for children over the age of four and for 2-4 players and retails at around £19.99.

You will receive: 
A game board - with a fox in the centre that pops up, surrounded with 12 yellow chicken coops that can be removed.
4 double sided chicken cards - one side with four white chickens on, on the reverse there are four different coloured chickens, as there are two different levels of play.
16 chickens - a variety of different coloured chickens. (4 of each colour)
1 farmer card - a card with a farmer on.
and an instruction sheet.

The aim of the game is to save four chickens first, don't let the fox catch you!

Level 1 -Young Chicks game
To be the first player to collect four of any colour chicken.
Level 2 - Older Chicks game
To be the first player to collect one of each colour chicken.

Each game starts with the fox pushed down and the tree trunk closed.
Each player has a card, with four chickens on.
Take it in turns to spin the board, select a chicken coop, pull it out and add a chicken to your card. (White chickens are any coloured chicken for level 1, the coloured chickens must be the colour of your chicken in level 2, if you've already got a blue chicken and selected a blue one, then you cannot add it to your board.)
Keep spinning and collecting chickens, if the fox pops up, you must remove 1 chicken from your board - unless they have the farmer card, which entitles you to use for one turn.
The winner is who can fill their card the quickest.

It is a great little game, I would definitely recommend it for young children, but older children may start to learn where each colour chicken is kept, so would recommend for children between 4-8 years of age.

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