Saturday, 1 April 2017

Netflix Series

Netflix is an online streaming service which you can stream via most devices and sometimes even built in to your Smart TV. 

There is so much choice, from old movies, to more recent, from comedies to horrors, even includes cartoons and Netflix exclusive films and series, with so much choice it is hard to decide what to watch!

They currently offer 3 packages, ranging from £5.99-£8.99 a month, although they do offer a free months free trial for those that are not yet a member. All UK Packages contain the same content other than the amount of people that can be logged in at one time and HD and Ultra HD isn't available in some packages.

Me and my partner love to sit down together when we get the chance and watch films on Netflix, being available on so many devices it is even great if we go away somewhere, as you can even download certain films and series. Here are some fantastic series I would highly recommend and we both enjoyed as a couple, please feel free to share your favourites and give us some ideas to watch.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
How I met your mother
Pram Face
Gavin and Stacey
Bad Education
The Delivery Man
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Don’t trust the B---- in Apartment 23
One day at a time
Grounded for life

Stranger Things
The Returned
Being Human
Orphan Black

Dexter has to be our absolute favourite, but with series 8 being a big disappointment; a socially awkward, forensic technician, specialising in blood spatter pattern analysis, who has urges to kill but his adoptive father had taken him under his wing to show him the correct way and bring him up as well as his could, those that deserve to die and torture others, get what is coming to them.
This will leave you gripping onto the edge of your seat, unbelievable moments, leaving you cheering for Dexter Morgan, but he isn't the only killer in town.
I highly recommend even for those that usually aren't into the thriller, crime series, this will leave you wanting more.

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