Monday, 19 September 2016

Viewing in Style

An experience in The Gallery was a fantastic experience, one not to forget. 

The first time entering the Imax Odeon in Milton Keynes, we used the ticket machine to claim our tickets and headed straight up to The Gallery. You have to book Gallery tickets to use The Gallery and it is a lot extra but the extra benefits are worth it in my opinion; unlimited access to fresh nachos, salsa, cheese dip and jalapenos, unlimited popcorn sweet or/and salted and unlimited bottles of drinks, whether it be fizzy soda or water you just help yourself from the refrigerators.
You also have access to The Gallery area, bar and toilets.

The screens up in the gallery keep you up to date, so you know when your screen is ready, head through the gallery screen doors, to the screen and you have the top few rows of the cinema, lots of leg room and a table for your food and drink, sit back and enjoy the film.

I would highly recommend The Gallery in the Odeon at Milton Keynes and will be viewing that way in the near future. 
Clean and Friendly area.

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